Our Pediatric Dentist offers Dental Crowns in Virginia Beach, VA

Dental crowns are a vital part of pediatric dental care, especially when a child’s tooth is too damaged for a simple filling, such as in cases requiring a pulpotomy. Our pediatric dentist and team specialize in pediatric dental crowns, committed to restoring each child’s smile and confidence.

Understanding Dental Crowns

Dental crowns for children are custom-fitted caps used to restore a tooth’s size, shape, strength and appearance. They are particularly useful following procedures like pulpotomies, where part of the tooth’s pulp is removed due to decay or injury. Crowns can be made from various materials, including stainless steel or tooth-colored composites, to suit the situation and aesthetics. At our office, we offer stainless steel crowns.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Protects and strengthens a tooth after pulpotomy or significant decay.
  • Restores chewing and speaking functionality.
  • Long-lasting solution for dental issues.
  • Supports overall dental health and proper alignment.

Restore Your Child’s Smile With Dental Crowns

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If your child has undergone a pulpotomy or has a significantly damaged tooth, consider the benefits of dental crowns in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact Smiling with Love Pediatric Dentistry at 757-296-0570 for a consultation with Dr. Luis Arango and see how we can restore your child’s healthy, happy smile with stainless steel dental crowns.

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